Logical International Group of companies delivers support services to over 300 major construction clients across the Middle East.

The Group has been built to effectively and efficiently accommodate the support services requirements in the region. From this perspective, The Group has identified key support service areas and built specialist divisions forming an end-to-end service offering to its clients.

Logical International has successfully built divisions supporting Contracting, Signage, Electrical, Modular Buildings, Waste, Fencing and Plastics. Each division is further enhanced with specialist staff governed by a clear vision and strong leadership

With a proven track record of delivering diverse projects and services across a broad range of clients, handling projects either on the traditional contract basis or full partnering agreements, Logical International has established itself as the leading support services group in the Middle East

To enhance our client’s business activities by providing superior quality products and services from inception to post-development.

Our client support strategy is focused on delivering outstanding services and continually strives to offer a complete package to all industries with the latest, cutting-edge value added solutions.

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